Top 10 Richest people of India

Shiv Nadar

    Shiv Nadar

         Founder – HCL technology

Net worth – $12.9 billions (2017)

Shiv Nadar was born in Tamil Nadu, India in the year 1945. From a young age he was very bright and got accepted to admission at the Town Higher Secondary School. From then on he went to Town High School and then received his pre-University degree at The American College. After graduating from there he went on to study at the PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, India where he received his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His bright career was just about to begin as he landed a job at an engineering group, although his tenure there wouldn’t last long as he made the decision to start his own business with several of his trusted friends.
The company they started together went on to see a lot of success. They began creating calculators and then selling them off to the Indian market with their company they called Microcomp. After they started making a lot of money, Nadar would go on to create his own business called HCL Technologies. This business is where Nadar has acquired the majority of his wealth as he is the sole owner, rather than having to share ownership with his friends like he did at Microcomp.
Since his time of being a billionaire he has gone on to focus on spending his money in the education and medical departments. Early on in 1996 he founded the SSN College of Engineering which is an engineering institution located in India. Nadar has gone on to receive several governor awards for his charitable contributions and recently returned to Town Higher Secondary School to make a large donation of money and new computers to benefit the young students.


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