Top 10 Richest people of India

Dilip Shanghvi

 Dilip Shanghvi

Owner of  Sun Pharmaceuticals, Caraco Pharma, Taro Pharma
Net worth – $17.5 billions (2017)

Dilip Shanghvi was born in 1955 in the small town of Amreli which is located in the state of Gujarat.  He spent quite a long time going to several schools to earn his education, including J. J. Ajmera High School and Bhawanipur Education Society College. Afterwards he would attend the University of Calcutta where he would earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree.
Straight out of school Dilip joined his father in Kolkata to help him in his drug company. I don’t mean illegal drugs like cocaine but rather medical drugs. He would continue helping his father out for many years until he saved up enough money to run his own company. Dilip realized that he would make more money manufacturing his own drugs and selling them, rather than just selling other people’s drugs. So he opened up his own company called Sun Pharmaceutical. It quickly went on to become a very successful business avenue, with Dilip earning the majority of his wealth due to its success. To this day it is the largest drug company in all of India.
Since opening Sun Pharmaceuticals, Dilip has earned lots of money and has been able to acquire other drug companies. He owns one in the United States called Caraco Pharma and another one in Israel called Taro Pharma. Both of these companies have gone from doing poor financially to making a complete turnaround thanks in large part to Dilip acquiring them.


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