Top 10 Richest people of India

Azim Premji

Azim Premji

Chairman – Wipro

Net worth – $16.5 billions (2017)

Azim Premji was born in 1945 to father Mohamed Premji. In the same year that Azim was born, his loving father created a business that manufactured vegetable products in India. Azim wasn’t all that interested in the business as he was more interested in engineering. As he got older he moved to the United States to attend Stanford University. It was here that he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering degree. Right after his education ended, Azim’s father tragically passed away due to health problems. Azim returned home and rather than continuing in the field of his choice he continued manufacturing vegetable products at his father’s company. When he took over he started to expand the business by also manufacturing soap and hydraulic cylinders.
After about 20 years in the vegetable business he began to recognize how important technology was becoming. He decided to re-brand his father’s company by giving it a new name (Wipro) and started manufacturing microcomputers instead. With the help of the United States company Sentinel Computer Corporation, Azim ditched the vegetable oil and soap business and begun selling computer hardware. It proved to be a massive success as Wipro is considered one of the fastest growing businesses in India’s history.
These days Azim is still with Wipro but has also become a very generous person. He has a net worth of more than $15 billion and has joined other famous billionaires like Bill Gates in pledging to give away the majority of their money to people who are in need of assistance.


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