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About Inpedia

Why and What is Inpedia ?

hello people, welcome to Inpedia. This is the 1st post in this website and this website will contain each and every information about India and also other countries if needed. But the main motive of this site is to explore India. Everything related to India will be posted here in such a manner to make it easy for the reader to understand the site easily and also to get information that they are searching for at one click and in the language that will be easily understood.

What does it Contain ?

I have started this site today on 27th Jan 2017. With a clear motive to make it a India’s Encyclopedia. I will try to posts many information and many facts about India in this website so that no one returns blank minded. We will be focusing mainly on the Comparison Contents, like Top 10 of anything and Informative contents like Monuments in India and also on where India is in world any many more.

Thank You and keep visiting. Also leave a comment in order to Advice me anything or make me notice my mistakes and also for your best wishes.

Best time to do some thing new is to start it today


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